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All ADS London clients benefit from unique access to institutional quality liquidity and pricing generated by the world leading banks, wealth funds and major global financial institutions executing through ADS Securities.

When the price that you are executed at is different to the price that you expected, it is because the price has slipped and you have been filled at the next price available in the market. Slippage may occur more frequently in a fast moving market and it can have a negative or positive impact.

ADS London offers 60 plus currency pairs and 4 metals instruments.

ADS London clients can trade in over 250 FX, CFD and spread betting instruments. The product range encompasses Currencies, Indices, Precious Metals, Commodities, Shares and Treasury Bonds. View the complete product range here.

Pricing on charts shows the BID. To display the OFFER (ASK) price, right click on the chart, select ‘Properties’, click on ‘Common’ and tick ‘Show ASK line’.

Free to all ADS London clients, our unique Algo Builder lets you design, build and apply your own algo/EA strategies, using a wide range of indicators and candlestick patterns, with absolutely no coding or development skills. Click here to find out more.

Yes, you can hold both long and short trades open simultaneously in the same instrument. Margin will only be required on the net position and this means that for a perfectly hedged position, the margin required is zero. Please note that hedged positions can still be stopped out and you will be financed on both sides.

At ADS Securities London, we are transparent with our pricing and display the raw spreads for all of our instruments on the MT4 charts. The charts are indicative of the price and the quoted bid and offer may differ to the raw to account for any charges.

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Losses can exceed deposits
Spreadbetting, CFDs and FX are leverage products and carry a high degree of risk, losses can exceed your deposits.